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Barley Grains

Making Seed "Cheese"

Optimum nutrition originates from simple sources. Here are some basic instructions to help you incorporate a dairy-free seed "cheese" into your meals during your cleansing programs, as well as in your daily meals!

More information about Seed "Cheese" can be found in the chapters of Vicki's book!

Seed Cheese:

Now that you are getting good at making Rejuvelac, you are ready to make the seed cheese. Rejuvelac is a major ingredient in seed cheese; it is the culture that starts the growth of the healthy bacteria. The chemical reaction of the natural proteins in the soaked sesame and sunflower seeds combined with the healthy bacteria from the Rejuvelac creates a perfect protein in the seed cheese.

You Will Need:

1/4 C Brown Sesame Seeds

3/4 C Raw Sunflower Seeds

Rejuvelac (click here for instructions)

Well-Screened Collander

Vita-Mix Blender (or equivalent blender)

Rejuvelac (click here for recipe)

Rubber Spatula

Cheese Bag

Rubber Bands

Durable Chopstick

Tall bowl or container (to hang the cheese bag)

Prep and Blend

•soak 1/4 cup brown sesame seeds and 3/4 cup raw sunflower seeds in water overnight. 

•In the morning rinse/drain well in a screened collander--Drain it well. 

•Pour it in the Vitamix and then add enough Rejuvelac to cover the seeds. 

Place the cover on the Vitamix and turn it on high. 
    *Use the plunger through the lid to plunge the seeds down until it has            made a very fine and creamy paste. 

    *You have to keep moving the plunger corner to corner quickly, as not to        burden down the machine. 

•Using a rubber spatula, carefully remove all of the seed cheese from the chamber of the Vitamix into a bowl with a seed bag lining it. 

tip: rinse out the Vitamix and lid immediately. 


Get Ready to Ferment

•Gather the seed bag off the bowl with your fingers, and twist the full bag very very tight, so the excess fluid begins to drip into the bowl. 

•Take a sturdy rubber band, and as if you are tying hair into a ponytail, wrap it around the twisted tight seed bag very close to the mound of seed cheese, two or three times until it's tight. 

•With the extra rubber band still in your hand, wrap the remaining top of the seed bag around the chopstick, and then wrap the rubber band around the chopstick and seed bag to secure the seed bag to the chopstick, so it can hang. 



•Hang the chopstick over the top of a large enough container so the seed bag can drip and naturally ferment--making cheese--

•Leave for 6 hours on the counter out of the sun.  And then put it in the fridge, as it is, for 6 hours more, for the seed cheese to cure. 

•The seed cheese is ready to use. Take it out of the cheese bag and put it into a glass container to store--make sure it is airtight. 


Flavoring your Seed "Cheese"

If you would like an idea to flavor the seed cheese to make a dip, make


        Oil+Vinegar French Dressing recipe

          *(use tomato powder and water instead of ketchup)

        1 C Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil 
        1/2 C Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 
        2 TBS up to 1/4 C Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Nama Shoyu (to taste)
        2-3 TBS Tomato Powder 1/4 C Water 
        Big squirt - Mustard of choice

        2-3 TBS Pizza Spice Seasoning/Herbs (to taste until desired flavor is              reached)

*When you let it sit, all of the dehydrated garlic and onion flavor nicely.

*Remember, the flavors need to incubate, and will get more powerful over the next few hours. So don't over season it! 

Very very good when scooped with the seed crackers dehydrated at 105° and (blended and activated with Rejuvelac and the wheat sprouts.)

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