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Sprouting 101

Here are some basic instructions to help you incorporate sprouting into your meals during your cleanses, as well as in your daily meals!

Beginning Sprouting



You Will Need:


Mung Beans

Green Lentils

Quart Mason Jar


Mesh Strainer

Sprouting Trays

Step 1: 

Fill a quart mason jar half full of wheat berries and fill the rest with water and sit on the counter for eight hours

Step 2:

Strain the wheat berries and rinse really, really well and let them drain. I use a mesh strainer.

Step 3:

Put half of that rinsed wheat into one round Sprouter tray

Step 4:

Stack all the sprouter trays with one empty tray on top for incubation and let's sit overnight or for 8–10 hours.

Step 5:

Sprinkle a tiny bit of water on each tray and stack them back up and leave them for another 8–10 hours. Sprinkle the water every morning and every night. Do not dowse them, just sprinkle and water them

Step 6:

​The little sprouts should start to show and you can start tasting them. I usually let them sprout for at least 24-36 hours.By the time the little sprout is showing, but not longer than the size of the grain, they are ready to use.

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