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[What are colonics and the benefits. Combined with the cleansing product. Use in tandem with the product or on a consistent/as-needed basis.]

If you are a new client, we require that you start with Vicki's Phase 1: 21 day Jumpstart cleanse. You will need 4 colonics with this cleanse. Upon completion of your first cleanse, colon therapy treatments are available with or without using VitaeLife! cleansing products, although we recommend keeping up with your quarterly cleanses to maintain progress and continue improving your overall health. 

Body cleansing is an integral part of optimal health. Many degenerative challenges may have casual impacts in the colon. If we rid the colon of excess blockages and toxins, the body replenishes the electrolyte reserves and rebuilds the cellular structure. Enjoy peace of mind, clarity, and increased energy and vitality. 

Please be prepared to provide payment for cleansing product and your colonic at the end of your first appointment. Thereafter, payment for following colonics can be completed at the end of each appointment.

Colon Therapy Treatments

Required for new clients

New client: Opening colonic with consultation



For every treatment thereafter

Colon Therapy Treatment


jonathan-hislop-XSSibD1bt80-unsplash (1).jpg

Cleansing Kits

To begin your program 



Initial 21-Day Jumpstart Cleanse


Opening Colonic+Consultation 

3 Subsequent Colon Therapy Treatments

*Colonics only, product priced separately

$?? for returning clients




Phase 2: Colonics

3 colonics

*Colonics only, product priced separately

$?? for returning clients

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