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Meet Vicki

Vicki Talmage has been practicing and teaching the art of living well for the last 45 years. Catalyzed by her own journey to free herself from degenerative disease, she stepped out of the medical profession and into alternative health care at the advice of her colleagues. Vicki studied the Dr. Wood colonics method under Darlene Macey, never intending colon therapy to be her career. Using colonics, Raw Foods, wheatgrass juice, and simple herbs, she healed her body. She has been vegan for 40 years and Raw Vegan for the last 20 years.

Author of “From Bin to Banquet”

a practical treatise on how to integrate Raw Food into a daily lifestyle, complete with 85 beginning recipes.

Formulates and Distributes Vitaelife! Cleansing Systems

Initial 21 Day Jumpstart Cleanse, 14 Day Follow-Up Quarterly Cleanse, and 30 Day Maintain, Nourish & Heal System. They are her own proprietary product line; rich in organic, raw, and whole foods. Her philosophy is to give the body whole foods necessary to create its own specific nutrients. Vicki inspires many to consistently integrate quarterly cleansing as a prevention of disease and build-up in the colon. The more you get to know Vicki, the more you realize that everything she does is to return the body to its natural state and sustain itself with vital whole-food nutrients.

Lecturer and Public Speaker

Vicki has traveled throughout the United States for the last 35 years, teaching her Lifestyle Management Classes in health food stores, and empowering tens of thousands of people to integrate at least 50% of Raw Whole-Foods into their daily diets. When she was doing live-classes, she expanded her audience to third-world countries, where she taught provident living, greenhouse gardening, and simple use of her Raw Food recipes and lifestyle, without electricity and running water.

Vegan and Raw Food Chef

Vicki has tantalized many taste buds with her delicious meals. She has created substitutions for all different types and variations of dishes, matching taste to her commitment to nutrition. She does not dabble in “Raw Food – Junk Food”. Her intention is to create the highest value of nutrients in a delicious, eye-appealing meal that supports the rebuilding of cellular structure. Her food is delicious! She makes salads and other healthy foods addicting and enticing!

Colon Therapist

Vicki owns VitaeHealth Clinic, which has been in business, successfully, for over 40 years. She has facilitated tens of thousands in jump-starting their bodies back to health and sustaining a healthier way of living. She is sought out as a colon therapist and Lifestyle Management Coach from people all around the globe. Vicki uniquely educates every person, teaching them true principles of health, gently guiding them through their cleansing, and giving them the opportunity to create optimum health in their own lives through her educational products, classes, and retreats.

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