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Do you want sustained energy and clarity of mind to accomplish what you want to without being so tired?



Body cleansing is an integral part of permanent optimum health. Many degenerative health challenges may have a negative causal affect from impaction in the colon. If we rid the colon of excess blockages and toxins, the body replenishes the electrolyte reserves and rebuilds the cellular structure. Enjoy peace of mind, clarity, and increased energy and vitality. After a body cleanse, feed your body with an increase of raw-living foods to regenerate the body’s systems and organs.


Full Body Cleansing includes Vicki's proprietary blend of whole food cleansing herbs & shakes to enhance the success of the colonics which are scheduled every week. The colon therapy method Vicki uses in her clinic, VitaeHealth at Fort Union, is the closed gravity method: which is gentle yet thorough. There is no artificial pressure or suction so the body can strengthen its own peristaltic action to improve daily elimination. It is not addictive like pressurized units or enemas are.


After completing the Initial Jumpstart Cleanse, we do the shorter, Quarterly Follow-Up Cleanse every 3 months.  With a daily habit of Kale Salad  and The Phase 3: Daily Nourish & Heal System, including a daily delicious smoothie and herbs, the small and large intestine now has the power to release its toxins and buildup, and your organs can eliminate dangerous toxins into the bowel to be released from your body. Once again the eliminative channel can function correctly to influence your entire body for good!

Click here for a video from Vicki about why it is important to cleanse your colon!


This “homework” is designed to help your body let go & get in cleansing mode to prepare for your first colonic.
For more detailed information on How to Begin a Cleanse, visit this page on my website!


Drink one Gallon of Steam-Distilled Water everyday. Drink two quarts before 2pm and two quarts after 2pm. to rehydrate your body and assist in disimpacting the large intestine. Research shows that every chemical and every electrical reaction happens in water and we need hydration for the body to communicate-we are so depleted!

Water Wellness Center, LLC 3440 S. 5600 W. West Valley - 801.967.9669



Eat one large slice of watermelon every morning and one large slice 2 hours before bedtime. Watermelon is known for rehydrating the body at deep levels and assists in breaking up impactions in the small and large intestine to be more easily removed from the body.



Kale is the best fiber to move toxic mass through the system. 3 cups kale salad for each meal (6 C total) Any raw veggies, and ½ of an avocado for each meal. Unlimited Lemon Tahini and Poppyseed Dressings. Sprinkle salad with Nutritional Yeast for a cheesy flavor. Eat 1-2 (fist-sized) baked beet with your lunch salad AND 1-2 (fist sized) baked beet with your dinner salad. This is not starvation, so eat as much as you want. There are 15 more excellent dressing recipes in my book available at the clinic.

For more detailed information on How to Begin a Cleanse, including recipes, visit this page on my website!


Our bodies are the catalyst to determine our health. They manifest on the outside what is either working or not working on the inside

Understanding that healthy functioning bodies and healthy emotions are essential for optimum weight, resisting the temptation of fad diets or starvation programs is important. It may be time to take a look at how we are living our lives and make necessary adjustments to take care of ourselves first. Deliberately scheduling time into each day to eat our meals and making a daily conscious choice to eat high quality whole foods could improve our quality of life and clarity of mind drastically and permanently. Our bodies adapt so quickly to what we give them.  We have forgotten that FOOD is FUEL. Poor food choices could eventually leave our bodies open to depression, disease and many other health challenges.   We can correct these habits no matter what age we are. The tools we could use to increase the level of optimum health in our bodies and in our minds include learning and applying a few principles like quarterly body cleansing, daily authentic and simple eating, being satisfied with what we eat, and addressing and resolving emotional discontentment immediately instead of procrastinating.


101 EAST 7200 SOUTH SUITE C (west door) Midvale, UT. 84047





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