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Inspiring people to govern themselves and their health within the realm of their daily lives.

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Meet Amelia

What brought you here?

Do you want to...

Feel more energetic and accomplish what you want without feeling so tired?

Think clearer and have more balance and control over your emotions?

Feel satisfied after eating and have power over cravings?

Manage the stress in your life and feel more peace of mind?

Take charge of your life and begin to live the life you've always dreamed of... now?

Make time for your health

Our bodies are the catalyst to determine our health. They manifest on the outside what is either working or not working on the outside. Understanding that healthy, functioning bodies and healthy emotions are essential for optimum health is important. It may be time to take a look at how we are living our lives and make necessary adjustments to take care of ourselves. 

Our bodies adapt so quickly to what we give them. We have forgotten that food is fuel. Poor food choices could eventually leave our bodies open to depression, disease, and many other health challenges. We can correct these bad habits no matter what age we are. Helpful tools, such as quarterly body cleansing, daily healthy food choices, and addressing and resolving emotional discontentment lead us to the quality of life and health that we all desire.

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Why should you try body cleansing?

Body cleansing is an integral part of optimum health. Many degenerative challenges may have casual effect from impaction in the colon. Using body cleansing with feeding your body with raw, living foods, regenerate's the body's systems, balance, and organs. When you live a balanced lifestyle, your body heals. 

Enjoy peace of mind, clarity, and increased energy and vitality. 

Why do you need cleansing product?

The first step of cleansing is the Phase 1: 21 day Initial jumpstart cleanse. After completing this cleanse, you can do the shorter, Quarterly Follow-Up Cleanse every 3 months. With a daily habit of kale and the Phase 3: Daily Nourish and Heal System smoothie and herbs, the small intestine will have the power to release its toxins and buildup and your organs can eliminate dangerous toxins into the bowel to be released from your body. Once again the eliminative channel can function correctly to influence your entire body for good!

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What are colonics?

Full body cleansing is a combination of colon therapy treatments and Vicki's proprietary blend of cleansing herbs and shakes. This combination is essential and enhances the success of the colonics and overall health.

During cleanses, colonics are scheduled every week. The colon therapy method used here is the gravity method, which is gentle, yet thorough. There is no artificial pressure or suction, which allows the body to release naturally and strengthen its own peristaltic action, improving daily elimination.


Let's get started!


Food Cleansing

Kale, Beets, Water & Watermelon!

Before starting any cleanse, do this preparation for 1 week to help the body let go and get into cleansing mode to get ready for your first colonic. 


Get the book and DVD

Vicki's book and DVD are essential resources for beginning and maintaining your cleansing lifestyle change. These provide much needed education and instruction needed to begin your cleanse.


21 day jumpstart cleanse

This cleanse is a great way to jump back into healthy living, whether this is your first time, or you just need a reset.

This cleanse requires 4 colonics and VitaeLife! cleansing products

"If you feel like you need to reset your digestive system and get educated about your gut health, Vicki is your woman. I have tried several different types of cleanses, but have never had the success that I have had with her program. Her knowledge and products are irreplaceable."

Pamela A.

Your health starts here

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